There are so many recipes I’d like to share I can’t post them fast enough.  (Which is probably good news if you’re new to this diet and wondering what the heck you can eat!)  So, I thought I’d list all of them to give you something to look forward to, then link them as I post.  Please check back often!

Main Dishes:

  • Turbo’s Tomato Pasta
  • Braised Bone-In Chicken
  • Thai Chicken Wraps
  • Herb-Rubbed Sirloin Roast
  • Steak Kabobs
  • Summer Pasta Salad (Tomato, Chicken, Lemon)
  • Mom’s Pot Roast
  • Samrevino’s Pot Roast
  • Jill’s Quinoa Pasta Salad (Craisins, Chicken, Basil)
  • White Bean Quesadillas (adapted from The Grit in Athens, GA)
  • Captain’s Horseradish Pork Chop
  • World’s Best Chicken Sandwich
  • Turkey Tacos
  • Mom’s Chicken Ratatouille
  • Turkey While You Sleep
  • Prosciutto Pasta
  • Salmon Salad

Insanely easy sides:

Soups and other fabulous freezer items: