About Pic

I’m a freelance writer who was recently blessed with a daughter, whom we call Fussy Britches, or Fuss for short.  My husband, Turbo, came up with the name after about the fifth time I called him in tears, asking him to come home early from work.  She’d scream for what seemed like hours on end. She’d pull my hair and climb up my stomach when I held her.  There was nothing I could do to comfort her.  Little did I know, she suffers from a milk/soy protein intolerance (MSPI), meaning she can’t digest milk or soy proteins.  So the cheesy casseroles I was happily gobbling were actually like little gut bombs for her brand-spanking-new GI tract.  Happily, my astute pediactrician was able to diagnose her as early as two weeks old.  Then the fun began.

If I wanted to continue breastfeeding, then I’d have to undergo a complete diet overhaul.  No dairy, no soy, no eggs, no shellfish or peanuts.  (It was part of a strict elimination diet, to which I later added everything back except for dairy and soy.)

Not exactly easy for someone who regularly covers restaurants.  Even so, seven days after going “cold turkey” I had a new baby.  No more screaming, no more fussing….until my first slip up.  The first six weeks were a series of starts and re-starts as I fumbled my way through this insane new diet.  (Who knew they added soy to the chicken at Subway!?)

In an effort to help other moms going through this – I’m told one in twenty babies have a milk allergy – I decided to launch a blog.  I am by no means a medical expert and do not claim authority of any sort.  I’m simply a mom trying to do what I feel is best for my child, and hoping to help other moms avoid the painful lessons I’ve learned.  Hopefully, this will be a community of sorts where we can all learn from each other.

Today, she no longer deserves the nickname but it kinda stuck.  (Sorry, girl.)  I hope you enjoy as I share the adventures of feeding Fuss…