PantryThere is simply no worse feeling than looking in your pantry or refrigerator after just finding out your child has MSPI.  Suddenly, it seems like you can’t eat anything, and there’s a constant rumble in your tummy because your breastfeeding, which as my friend Jill put it, is like having a treadmill strapped to your chest.  I remember having a mild sense of panic with the slightly irrational thought that I might starve. 

Plus, if you just found out, you have a screaming baby to deal with, so cooking involved meals from scratch isn’t happening.  So, what do you do?  Well, below is a list of pantry and refrigerator staples that are good to stock up on, as well as some meal and snack ideas.

And no, this isn’t my pantry.  I wish it were.  I was too embarrassed to reveal the inner workings of my closet o’ food so I went with this generic photo.

Faux Milk (I prefer almond, but there’s also rice, coconut and all sorts of weird sounding “milk” made from nuts)
Faux Butter (I prefer Best Life buttery spread)
MSPI-friendly bread
MSPI-friendly salad dressing
Mayo (if you’re not on strict elimination diet and can eat egg)

For Snacks:
Dry-roasted Almonds
Fruit (I prefer grapes because they’re easy to grab, or cut up chunks of whatever is in season)
Popcorn (You can make your own with an air popper.  Then drizzle with olive oil and sea salt.)
Almond butter or peanut butter
Hummus (Use tortilla chips or veggies to dip into)
Potato Chips
Tortilla Chips

For Breakfast:
Total Raisin Bran (I recently discovered this has a full day’s serving of calcium.  Bonus for those of us going cow-free!)
OJ with calcium (just a good idea)
French Toast (if you can eat egg)
Banana Chocolate chip muffins

For lunches:
Turkey sandwiches 
MSPI-friendly tuna sandwiches 
Hot dogs
Tacos (Make a large batch of this pulled pork, divide into small portions and freeze.)
Pasta (Sautee whatever veggies or meat you have in your frig along with this tomato sauce.  I discovered this recipe when trying to get Fuss to arrive.  It didn’t work.  Instead, it took three hours of pushing and a c-section.  But that’s another story.  Again, make a large batch and freeze.)