Fuss started her first day at daycare today.  Ugh.  And to be honest, this week has not started out really well.  So, in honor of my rather down state, I thought I’d share some of my favorite junk foods, lest you took me for some health nut.  This diet puts a serious crimp in comfort eating but there are a few things that can help lift your spirits when you’re having a less than stellar day. 

Oreos: While they may be milk’s favorite cookie, they’re still pretty darn good by themselves.  The first few weeks of Fuss’ life I probably had six Oreos a day.  Number one, I was coming off a serious sugar addiction from pregnancy.  Number two, I thought I might lose my mind and needed some comfort.  Any new mom understands…

Hamburgers: I love a good burger.  BUT, you have to make sure it’ll love you back.  First, most buns have milk in them.  If you’re making from scratch, just scan the bread aisle closely.  And yes, I’ve taken my own bun to a restaurant before.  Also, the majority of fast food burgers contain both soy and dairy, so check their website for allergy information.  So far, the only safe fast food burger I’ve found is at Wendy’s.

Hotdogs: I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so many hotdogs.  I get the premium, all-beef variety and they are oh-so-good.  They’re a quick and easy lunch.  I’ll literally throw them on the gas grill and they’re ready in five minutes.  Just make note about the bun…

French Fries: Mmmm…my favorite.  If you’re baby is sensitive to soy, soybean oil is still generally OK.  This depends on how sensitive your child is, but both the pediatrician and GI doctor gave me the green light.  Apparently when they crush up the soy to make the oil, the proteins get broken down enough for safe digestion (usually).  See note on soy

Potato Chips: Plain potato chips are generally fine, just read the ingredients to be sure.  If they’re flavored, they will most likely contain milk or cheese.

Brownies: The only brownie mix I’ve found that doesn’t contain milk is from Ghiradelli, and they only make one that I know of: “Double Chocolate.”  It may be hard to find but totally worth seeking out.  Just make sure your baby isn’t sensitive to egg and always read ingredients carefully.

Chocolate: There are some dark chocolate bars that don’t contain milk.  This will take a trip to a specialty grocery store but when you’re having a chocolate craving, it’s warranted.  Also, if you’re baby isn’t sensitive to peanuts, slather some peanut butter on it for a Reese’s inspired treat. Actually, it’s better than Reese’s.

Beer: What can I say; I’m just a beer drinking kind of girl.  Of course, I don’t go overboard.  I don’t think one or two in an evening will do any harm.  Again, I think most new moms understand…

Wine: Well, I like wine too.  Especially red.

Well there you have it.  Happy eating and/or drinking everyone!